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Most affordable on‑chain payments

Effortless crypto payments with minimal fees. Multi‑chain support, self‑paying subscriptions, and optimized gas costs with llamapay.

Why choose LlamaPay ?

Fees on direct payments0 - 0.5%1%
Chains supported83
SubscriptionsSupportedNot supported
Gas cost of first USDT payment57,294343,594
Signatures/txs needed for first USDT payment13
Gnosis Safe supportSupportedNot supported
Permissions system for team delegationSupportedNot supported

Better for you
and your users

  • Cheapest payments gas-wise across all payment gateways
  • Fully non-custodial
  • Built-in swapping so you can accept payments in any token on all major chains, and everything will automatically get swapped for stablecoins
  • Recurring subscriptions that earn yield



*Gas cost of first USDT payment (6x cheaper)

LlamaPay transparent fees

Direct payment fees
0%On stablecoin payments
Non-stablecoins payments
0.5%On payments involving a swap
Subscription fees
1%Of total amount paid

And that’s it, no hidden fees

They trust us

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